The Application Guide will help you setup Air-Gallery on your iPhone, so you'll be able to transfer files to you Mac or Windows PC.

1. Install Air-Gallery

Download and install Air-Gallery on your iPhone from the iTunes Store

2. Setup Air-Gallery

If you allowed Air-Gallery access to Location Services the first time Air-Gallery started, you can skip this step.

Before using Air-Gallery make sure you've enabled the Location Services for Air-Gallery. The Location Services can be found under Settings | General | Location Services:

Air-Gallery Location Services 1 Air-Gallery Location Services 2 Air-Gallery Location Services 3

To allow file transfers from your iPhone, just fire up Air-Gallery and make sure you fill in a username and password, dismissing the keyboard with 'return':

Air-Gallery usage 1

3. Usage

If you are using a Mac, please check out the Mac Page to learn how to transfer files to your Mac.

When using Windows, please go to the Windows Page to learn how to transfer files to your Windows PC.